Media Coverage of the Arts Ripple Effect

Download the full report (PDF).


Stanford Social Innovation Review: Arts Funding Promotes Neighborhood Vibrancy

     December 2011


Grantmakers in the Arts: Why the public should fund the arts, after all

    by Kelly Kleiman. December 2011


Fractured Atlas Blog: Connecting New England's Creative Communities

    by Ian David Moss. March 2010

Fractured Atlas blogger Ian David Moss reviews a presentation by Margy Waller and finds the use of the research in ArtsWave communications and marketing "incredibly effective."


Americans for the Arts Member Newsletter: Discovering the Arts Ripple Effect

    by Margy Waller. Spring 2010

Margy Waller authored a short article about our research at the request of the Newsletter editors.
Download a pdf of the article.


The Artful Manager: The Arts Ripple Effect

    by Andrew Taylor. January 2010

“The folks at the Fine Arts Fund in Cincinnati were clearly getting tired of the standard public conversation about arts and culture, particularly as it relates to the public responsibility to support the arts. So, they decided to look deeply, listen deeply, and reframe the way they were going to talk about it. Better yet, they decided to share that process with the world through their new report….”


Museum 2.0: Do You Have A Good Argument for Your Institution?

    by Nina Simon. October 2011

"Last year, the Fine Arts Fund in Cincinnati (now called ArtsWave) released a terrific report that examined this question in detail. The Fund wanted to find the most effective ways to promote public action for the arts in their city--not among established arts supporters, but among diverse members of the public who may have only a glancing relationship with arts institutions... The results are fascinating--not just for the arguments that did work, but even more so for the ones that didn't." (jump to page 15 of the report).


Real Clear Arts: What The Country Needs Is A New Message About The Arts

    by Judith H. Dobrzynski. January 2010

“One thing I like about it is the idea that this problem requires new thinking, based on evidence, and that the report emphasizes that it recommends not a new slogan or image, but a new orientation toward communicating the value of the arts. How thoughtful.”


createquity: On Vision, Ripples, Expression, and the Mysterious Other

    by Ian David Moss. January 2010

“What I like about the Arts Ripple Effect study from the Fine Arts Fund, then, is that it’s not just an opinion piece about how better to reframe the arts: it’s the product of a gigantic meta-conversation with hundreds of Cincinnati-area residents, many of whom, importantly, have no meaningful interaction with nonprofit arts organizations.”


ARTSblog: Thinking Local

    by Mary Trudel. March 2010


CityBeat: Art Study Is Roadmap to Wider Public Support

    by John Fox. January 2010


Geniocity: Can arts and culture make waves with 'Ripple Effect'?

    by Carolyn Jack. January 2010


Coasccession: Funding the arts and sciences

    by Dr. Mark. January 2010


createquity: I get letters

    by Ian David Moss. January 2010


KC Stage blog: Arts ripple effect. January 2010


Orchestras Canada: What are you reading? January 2010


Soapbox Cincinnati: Fine Arts Fund studes the 'Arts Ripple Effect' Februray 2010.


Sage Nonprofit Solutions: New study demonstrates need for arts support January 2010


Theatre Communications Group: Management and Research February 2010


Theatre Communications Group: Let It Ripple, or, The Arts as a Public Good

     by August Schulenburg. November 2011



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